ADV Life Form Labs

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The ADV Life Form Labs Crypto Coin debut is pending the ADV Life Form data presentation in Los Angelos.

By popular demand we will be adding an NFT of the ADV Life Form crypto coin for collections.  They will go for $1 so everyone is able to be a part of the upcoming marketplace at

The copyrights to this coin are owned by these Labs.  We are open to legitimate buy out offers.

The ADV Life Form crypto coin trading platform will include weekly comments transmitted from the World of The ADV Life Form to our World.  Each transmission will be featured as an NFT represented by two different space industry leading instruments.

ADV Life Form Crypto Currency Transmission Power Requirements

The Lab sneak peak for our Supporters & Sponsors

The spectrum on the bottom shows the baseline power level without a transmission connection between the ADV Life Form and our World.

The top spectrum displays the power requirements for connection and transfer.