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Reno, Nevada Jan 30, 2023 ( - The Area 51 First Contact Research Center investigators, using industry-leading electromagnetic spectrum analyzers, determined -120dBm as a new instrument sensitivity setting for working with sources of Area 51 Advanced Life Form evidence. The new instrument resolution bandwidth requirement was determined to be 1 kilohertz. Electromagnetic spectrum analyzers with an RBW greater than 1 kilohertz were unable to resolve valuable data from background electromagnetic interference. The Area 51 First Contact Research Center works to connect interested research institutes and Area 51 aficionados with research results that impact world views on 'Contact' with Area 51 Advanced Life Forms.

"Documenting never before seen electromagnetic energy measurements, during research studies with Area 51 contactees, is getting easier thanks to advances in instrument sensitivity and technology. We collect over three times the amount of data when using our new -120dBm sensitivity setting", Joe Reyes- research staff at The Area 51 First Contact Research Center.

About the Study:

The investigation was conducted using custom-built electromagnetic spectrum analyzers in a testing room isolated from wireless network interference and background sources of electromagnetic energy. Data collected using the new -120dBM sensitivity setting was compared to the data collected using the older less sensitive instruments. Three independent trials were conducted in the testing room to confirm the results. The investigation helped to show that previously studied contactees from Area 51 can be reassessed in the lab as a result of new advances in instrument sensitivity.

Research projects and exclusive data from breakthrough studies in Area 51 Advanced Life Form Theory are previewed on the research center website-

next press release:

Area 51 First Contact Research Center Announces the Addition of A Radio Frequency Engineering Department to Strengthen Relations with Tech Industry Decision Makers

Reno,NV,  March 17, 2023 ( This month “Contact” researchers, here in Nevada, are opening their doors to licensed independent radio frequency (RF) engineers.  The main task for this new segment of the research center is to categorize the different types of electromagnetic (EM) modulation being collected. The new RF engineers will also be contracted to determine which samples can be used for two way communication and to develop an RF demodulation lab to determine if a translation protocol can be developed.  The Area 51 First Contact Research Center RF Engineering Department will be accepting proposals for single experiments up to full length studies spanning several weeks. 

“Our current research staff specialize in data acquisition and EM modulation mapping. We will improve data reliability and pave the way for new research partnerships by adding this type of industry knowledge with an RF engineering department”, Joe Reyes- research staff member at The Area 51 First Contact Research Center.

The new RF engineering department will also help with the optimization of current data collection strategies and assist with moderating questions from interested tech industry decision makers concerning featured lab results. 

About the EM Modulation samples:                                                                                                                                        The total lab inventory consists of eight different samples of both very high frequency and ultra high frequency EM modulation.  The samples range in size from 20 MHz up to 50 MHz and include one large 500 MHz emission.  All samples were collected from research participants within days of a “Contact” experience.  Approved research proposals will have full use of the Advanced Life Form EM modulation samples supplied by the research center.

The Area 51 First Contact Research Center Shows Effectiveness of NFC Magnetic Field vs NFC Electric Field Sensors for Collecting EM Modulation Data- Emitting from Advanced Life Form Contactees

RENO, NV, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2023 / -- Area 51 First Contact Research Center investigators found the performance of the near-field communication (NFC) magnetic field sensor was better at measuring the power levels for each frequency contained within the electromagnetic (EM) modulation studied. The NFC magnetic field sensor also collected a greater number of active frequencies which showed magnetic fields were the biggest component of the EM modulation being emitted by the contactees. The NFC electric field sensor was unable to adequately map the power level of each frequency contained within the EM modulation. In some cases, active frequencies were missed and investigators could not distinguish between natural EM modulation and unnatural EM modulation using the NFC electric field sensor.

"Studies with contactees require sharp EM modulation data to help investigators differentiate between natural EM modulation and the sensations of unnatural EM modulation being reported after a 'Contact' experience. NFC magnetic field sensors are now seen here as a solid solution", Joe Reyes- research staff at The Area 51 First Contact Research Center.

About the Study:

EM spectrum analyzers, coupled to NFC magnetic field and NFC electric field sensors, were positioned near Advanced Life Form contactees to measure the EM modulation power levels and frequencies being emitted. The study was completed in a testing room isolated from wireless network interference and background sources of electromagnetic energy. Three independent trials with each NFC sensor were conducted to verify the EM modulation power levels and frequencies being collected. The investigation helps to show the benefit of adding an NFC magnetic field sensor to the gamut of instrumentation currently used to study Advanced Life Form contactees.

Joe Reyes
The Area 51 First Contact Research Center
+1 775-741-1392

This just in: Elon Musk compares George Soros to X-Men villain Magneto who ‘hates humanity’ By Thomas Barrabi 

Supporters:  I do not know about you, but for me this seems eerie.  Especially since we have been promoting all week the results to expect with the magnetic field dampening labs.  This is also the week the data will officially be ready for the magnetic field dampener. AND after the magnetic field dampener is tested we will be in Hollywood with Earth's first sample of a sci-fi magnetic field for a $500,000 certification for the magnetic field sample.(He may also have my PayPal debit card records which show our Labs have made budget to get to Hollywood! He may now be making his move! Supporters get your seatbelts and airbags ready.)

If my interpretation of Elon Musk's comment is incorrect his office can call our data collection Hdqtrs and ask us to remove the post from the website.  If we are correct. . . . . .Elon Musk is following the Labs!  Aha!  Supporters. . . .we may have found another Techh Tiitann dipping into the Advanced Life Form cookie jar!