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Currently approved 'Contact' Lab locations: 
 -The Hollywood Sign- Southern California  -The Pyramid of The Sun- Mexico City          -The Emerald Market- Bogota, Columbia      -The Diamond Head Crater- Oahu, Hawaii
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Spectrum Analyzer sources:

 -Signal Hound (our current lab instrument)            -Asian Tech Engineering                                                    -Bidding for slot 3 (US vs Europe)                                -Possible bid for a Space X spectrum analyzer (The NFTs from this unit will be pricey.  Bake this in when voting on the scheduling this month) This may be where the hostile takeover happens!  We have been unable to go around Elon Musk's interest in the next biggest discovery in the world.

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The Hawaii NFTs

By popular demand we have asked The Being if it would be ok to preview collected island samples now.  The ADV Life Form has agreed and will be adding ADV Life Form approved items here.  In the meantime, acquiring storage in Hawaii for the the lab instruments has been completed.


1. Island Formation Theory- Plate Tectonic diagram       moving across Magma hotspot

2. Pillow Lava Formation- Lava flow on the sea floor      during island development

3. McDonald's Menu change.  The breakfast                      changed from pancakes to rice and Spam!                      (This may become the Solar System fast food                 restaurant of ADV Life Forms)

4. 7Eleven Hot Sandwiches change.  The burgers               here were replaced with blocks of rice topped             with meats.(This is going the official                                 convenience store while visiting Earth)

5.  The ADV Life Form collected an Earth Beach                 here along with:                                                                             - an Asian international tourist family playing in            the sand with child using a plastic toy shovel             - wood surfboard

6.  Work at the Diamond Head Crater includes:

      - Volcano lava flow dynamics                                                   - land formation via volcano lava hardening                   - volcano gem hunting                     

7.  ADV Life Form commentary during travel around      the island perimeter surrounded by the ocean.