The Area 51 First Contact Research Center

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Spectrum Analyzer sources:

 -Signal Hound (our current lab instrument)            -Asian Tech Engineering                                                    -Bidding for slot 3 (US vs Europe)                                -Possible bid for a Space X spectrum analyzer (The NFTs from this unit will be pricey.  Bake this in when voting on the scheduling this month)

               Coming in April         

        The  "First Contact"                          with                                     Earth Club                       

                  by                      ADV Life Form Labs

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Due to the renewed interest of Hollywood elite with subjects in which we are the tech authority. . . we are adding a page to the website where Hollywood people can browse and discuss Hollywood themed NFTs without. . .Tech Titans!(not everyone is used to having a Tech Titan in the room all day long!  There are actually a few different places, along with The Hollywood sign, where The Being likes to transmit!)

The publication of our decision to move our headquarters to Mexico City and then to The Netherlands was met with. . . a press release from the founder of  The ET befriends a human story.  The one and only. . Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg is a believer that UFO information has been hidden by the government- title of Press Release

Due to Hollywood's increased interest in what the government is hiding. . . and we have it. . . . .we are moving our ADV Life Form data collection labs to Los Angelos.  

Hollywood and Political Elite:

First Contact Transmission Preliminary Lab Results:

Transmission collected during "active contact"

Energy collected in the area seconds before "active contact".  

This pair of spectrums will function as proofs for the first official NFT from The ADV Life Form Labs. Heck of a signal we were able to collect from The ADV Life Forms.  (backgrounds, skins, flags, and banners for these)

The energy values seen here will be taken to Hollywood to receive a verification stamp.  455MHz to 510MHz will soon be part of Earth History.  In other word, the first energy signatures seen by the Hollywood and political elite backing these labs will be sourced from the 455MHz to 510MHz bandwidth.