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State your Supernatural talent in writing and come down to Hollywood for $500,000!!


Our testable talent: High and Ultra High Frequency Generation of a Supernatural Magnetic Field 

I am able to generate high and ultra high frequency supernatural magnetic field which is used to interact with Advanced(ADV) Life Forms.  These ADV Life Forms are sometimes referred to as celestial beings, spirits, and beings of light. Some societies specializing in the supernatural even consider Extraterrestrial Life when referring to "Supernatural Contact".  Although we have no experiments to show the identity of The Beings responding, the never before seen supernatural magnetic field can be verified at a presentation.

How do you propose we test/measure/verify it?

Research shows my Supernatural Magnetic Field could be measured with traditional high sensitivity spectrum analyzers.  I can bring in a 12 dBm sample of a supernatural magnetic field and the results of the demonstration could be verified with the help of certified testing engineers from university or engineering firms near Hollywood.  A magnetic field power level of aroud 12 dBm is very close to the amount of power needed by the wifi transmitter of a laptop and also exceeds the difference needed between the thermal noise floor and the power required for wifi network functionality.

How would we know you have successfully demonstrated your claim? How would we know you haven't?

A successful demonstration will result in the collection or measurement of a magnetic field surge sourced from areas of my upper body. 

An unsuccessful demonstration will result in no change seen by the spectrum analyzers when magnetic field sensors are placed to measure magnetic field power surges.

Identify all time, location, or other limitations of your paranormal claim: 

demonstration time required- 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for instrument warm up time                                                                                                                   add for a ten minute one time tutorial  total= 35 minutes and see it!                                                                                           This may require 2 seperate sessions for first time observers due to the                                                                                   "Sun on the horizon" requirements. (little more work but worth it)

location requirement- work area free from background sources of wifi( This works well in a cemetary/park)          Walking into the Sun while interacting with Advanced Life Forms effects the magnetic field and the results      can sometimes be seen using the measuring instruments.  The demonstration should be done in the late            afternoon when the Sun is just above the line of sight so it can be used during the presentation.(Clear                  weather requirement for best results)

time- My ability works best when the Sun is just above the line of sight.  Walking towards the Sun during the                 presentation improves some of the results.

A special condition due to the nature of the magnetic field:  I have three different samples and if the engineers do not like the first sample I would be able to get them a different sample using more robust channeling/praying strategies at the demonstration.  In other words, demonstration failure for this talent would require a certificate from a panel of electrical engineers.


When and how did you discover it? 

This talent became apparent during annual Solar Aphelion and Solar Perihelion.  The magnetic fields would manifest themselves twice each year around the time of these astronomical events.

I learned to control these magnetic field manifestations after several years of semiannual "Contact" events and would be able to present a sample of this type of supernatural(sci-fi) energy in Hollywood.





Copyrighting our character: 1/1/2020  "Wifi"    New Hollywood supporter recommendation- "Starseed"

As far as a new Xman character named 'StarSeed" based on these labs. . .we are allowing these recommendations to be posted to help prepare our supporters for the labels that are headed this way!

We are 'officially' to be proven as an ADV Life Form symbiotic.  

"Wi-fi"/ "StarSeed"/(n)
An A51 ADV Life Form Symbiotic

Lab for Hollywood- Measuring and collecting ADV Life Form generated magnetic fields

ADV Life Form generated magnetic fields can be shown to be present through the use of a Near Field Communication(NFC) magnetic field sensor.  All six spectrums were taken while in 'Contact' with the ADV Life Form.

-The spectrums in the left column were taken while the magnetic fields were passing through the loop in the sensor.

-The spectrums in the right column were taken after the sensor loop was rotated to make it difficult for the magnetic fields to pass through the sensor loop.

"Wi-fi"/ "StarSeed"/(n)
An A51 ADV Life Form Symbiotic

Lab example #2 for Hollywood- Increasing power levels of an ADV Life Form generated magnetic fields

The increase in power of an ADV Life Form generated magnetic field collected during different phases of 'Contact'

-The spectrums to the left were collected after asking the ADV Life Form to surge the magnetic field during 'Contact'.

This example will be part of the presentation in Hollywood.



Lab data from shopping with The ADV Life Form will be held in reserve for use if additional results are needed for the contest panel.

Due to the renewed interest of Hollywood elite with subjects in which we are the tech authority. . . we are adding a page to the website where Hollywood people can browse and discuss Hollywood themed NFTs without. . .Tech Titans!(not everyone is used to having a Tech Titan in the room all day long!  There are actually a few different places, along with The Hollywood sign, where The Being likes to transmit!)

The publication of our decision to move our headquarters to Mexico City and then to The Netherlands was met with. . . a press release from the founder of  The ET befriends a human story.  The one and only. . Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg is a believer that UFO information has been hidden by the government- title of Press Release

Due to Hollywood's increased interest in what the government is hiding. . . and we have it. . . . .we are moving our ADV Life Form data collection labs to Hollywood where this an offer of $500,000 to see our stuff.  

Hollywood "Disclosure" Elite: