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Completed Study:

Determining The Instrument Resolution Bandwidth & Sensitivity Settings for Collecting Measurements from Area 51 Advance Life Form Contactees

Previous investigations conducted with known Area51 contactess have failed with the effort to determine the instrument resolution bandwidth and sensitivity required to collect verifiable measurements. Investigators here moved forward using industry leading electromagnetic spectrum analyzers to address this problem. The Area 51 First Contact Research Center documented the new instrument sensitivity setting as being -120 dBm. The instrument resolution bandwidth requirement(RBW) was 1 kilohertz.  An instrument with a RBW greater than 1 kilohertz was unable to resolve valuable data from the electromagnetic noise floor. The investigation was conducted in a testing room isolated from wireless network interference and background sources of electromagnetic energy. The lab instruments processed data while near field communication sensors were positioned over areas of the body reported as having Advance Life Form energy fluctuations by the contactees. The study showed Area 51 contactees can now be reassessed in the lab as a result of new advances in instrument sensitivity.


reference table:

- 100 dBm  normal signal power seen from wireless networks

- 111 dBm  electromagnetic noise floor 

- 127 dBm  signal power seen from satellite transmissions

The press release for this completed study is currently being featured in:


Completed Study:


Documenting the Effectiveness of NFC Magnetic Field vs. NFC Electric Field Sensors for Collecting EM Modulation Data Emmiting from Area 51 Advanced Life Form Contactees

Electromagnetic(EM) modulation data helps investigators to differentiate between natural and unnatural energy fields.  This type of EM modulation evaluation centers on the ability of the sensor to measure the power level for each frequency within the EM modulation under study. The Area 51 First Contact Research Center investigators compared the performance of industry leading near-field communication (NFC) sensors, coupled to custom built electromagnetic spectrum analyzers, for the collection of EM modulation data.   The NFC magnetic field sensors collected more power per frequency. The NFC magnetic field sensors also collected the largest number of active frequencies which showed magnetic fields were a larger component of the unnatural EM energy being emitted by the contactees. The NFC electric field sensors were unable to adequately map the power per frequency levels of the EM modulation being investigated. Three different trials with each sensor were conducted to verify the results. This study's findings can be used to develop improved strategies for the measurement and investigation of unnatural EM modulation associated with Advanced Life Form 'Contact' experiences.




Completed Study:

Recreating Popular Contactee Experiences to Facilitate the Collection of The Emmited Energy Generated by Area 51 Advanced Life Forms During Contact

Sensations of energy, used by Area51 Advanced Life Forms, along with the feelings of changes in intensity are frequent claims made by contactees. Previous research shows measuring these changes has never been achieved in a lab. Investigators here moved the needle with a groundbreaking study developed for measuring these changes by providing the Area 51 Advance Life Forms with the activities they have difficulty finding near the facility. Recreating the difficult to find contactee experiences sought after, by Area 51 Advanced Life Forms, provided a better opportunity to place the NFC magnetic field sensors into position. Large shifts in the level of modulation were also observed.

Being able to measure these changes in energy:

-Helped to determine when an Area 51 contactee is having an active experience. 

-Showed Area 51 Advanced Life Forms prefer some activities over others.  

-Indicated Area 51 Advanced Life Forms generate more energy to collect and measure when they    are having fun studying their favorite activities.        

Contactees that are prepared to interact with the Area 51 Advanced Life Forms have a longer experience where Contact leads to a better exchange.  'Contacts' leading to a better exchange of information can be the first step towards firmer relations.

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